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Writing is a passion, a lifestyle. Writing is letting
go of your inhibitions and putting emotions on paper.
That's what I do.
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About ME

I write. I love world-building in general and fantasy and science fiction in particular. I take that love and I pour it into my stories.

My dreams and observations twist inside my head and morph into imaginary worlds, unusual characters, and surreal situations. Those are my stories.

I hope you enjoy reading them them as much as I enjoyed writing them. No matter what, feel free to tell me what you think. I don't (always) bite.

My Works

I created this site to spread the word about my works. In time, I hope to grow this site beyond what you see today. I envision posting novel excerpts, synopses, information and progress on my imaginary worlds. Make sure to sign-up to my personal blog, my fiction writing blog, or follow me on Twitter and Facebook to get updates.

If I write something funny or silly, it's probably in my personal blog. If I write something related to the craft of writing, you'll probably find that my fiction writing blog.

Writing Life

The life of a writer is difficult. The road is winding and full of hurdles, and most of them out of your control. But it's always worth it in the end, if you stick to it. Thankfully, there are a lot of great writing communities out there, some of which helped me a lot. In the same spirit, I though I can be helpful in return, so I launched a blog where I share my views on the writing life, provide tips, information and resources. If you are interested, head on to my fiction writing blog.

Welcome to my Author Website!

This is my writer's sandbox. This is where I'll stack all my works, all of my writings, all of my musings. Please browse my site and drop me a line at anytime. I enjoy meeting new people and interacting with readers and other writers. I strongly believe that communication fosters inspiration.

I love to work on websites and create new things, so I hope you enjoy this new site of mine. For starters, you can read more about me, or browse through my work. Or go out and play. Whichever makes you happy.

My Writing

Science Fiction - 50%

Fantasy - 30%

Horror - 10%

Other - 10%

Related Activities

Fantasy Scroll Magazine

Iulian is the Editor-on-Chief of Fantasy Scroll Magazine, a bi-monthly e-zine publishing fantasy, science fiction, horror, and paranormal short stories from speculative writers from around the world.

Dragons, Droids & Doom

Iulian also edited and published Dragons, Droids & Doom, a collection of short stories that were released by Fantasy Scroll Magazine in year one.