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It’s Too Late For Me

This is something I witnessed a while back, and for the longest time I’ve internalized it and ran it over and over in my head, trying to make sense of it. Eventually I decided to put it into words. It happened at the end of a work day, as I was heading home, waiting for…
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New fiction writing blog

Just wanted to let you know that I finally started my fiction writing blog. I've been longing to start one for quite some time now but, as always, life got in the way. Now it's finally up and I hope it will become a good resource for fiction and non-fiction writers of all levels and for all genres.

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“LOST” Finale – Questions or Answers?

Here are my thoughts on the last episode of LOST... The LOST Finale aired on May 23, 2010 and, if you missed it, you can still catch the episode online here: My thoughts about the general idea of the show as revealed in by the the final episode is that all the events that took place on the island actually took place and the "flash-sideways", called by some the "alternate reality", was an imaginary place where all the characters got together in death. So, it's not really an alternate reality, because it is not a reality at all.

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15 Amazing Power Rock Ballads

As a huge fan of music of all kind, rock ballads always had a special place in my playlist. And there are really dozens and dozens of ballads, some more "rockish" than others, that I could include in my top list, so compiling it was not an easy task. I know that some of you will argue that some of the songs I picked can hardly be qualified as "power" or even "rock" ballad, but most of the time I find there is a fine line between genres, and I chose to group them all under this category based on how I feel.

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