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.Net Encryption Wrapper

Encryption is always one of those things that you know you need but you are not exactly sure where to get it and which one to select for your needs. Well, definitely .Net makes it much easier with the comprehensive System.Security.Cryptography namespace. But sometimes, you just want to be able to type Encrypt and get an encrypted string, or type Decrypt and get a decrypted string. Is that so much to ask? Not at all [...]

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Top 10 FireFox addons for Web Developers

FireFox is an extremely popular browser and probably my personal favorite. One of the best features of FireFox its openness. The browser allows third party developers to create plugins, called add-ons in the FireFox world, which can then later be deployed by users in their own browser, enabled and disabled with ease and removed when no longer needed. This is a very powerful features which opened the doors to developers’ creativity and allowed them to share this creativity with the users of the browser [...]

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