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Learn Blogging From Master Bloggers

A blog can be anything where one or more people share their ideas related or not to a specific topic. It's like a journal open to the world that allows the visitors or readers to interact with the content by adding their comments, suggestions, and own ideas. Usually the blogger is more than a writer. A writer publishes a book or a story and then only limited interaction exists between the writer and the readers. Bloggers are social creatures. How do you become one?

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How to use #FollowFriday on Twitter for Best Results

Many writers and Twitter users stress the importance of reciprocity, acknowledgement, and courtesy in using a micro blogging technology such as Twitter. The root of it lies in the fact that micro blogging is extremely fast-paced and therefore having your message get through to all those that you had as targets is particularly challenging. This means that you need others to help you pass that message through. The more people send their message out there, the more chances are that someone will actually read it and acknowledge it. And that is the real root of the #FollowFriday phenomenon.

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Best Twitter Analyzing Tools To Improve Your Results

As Twitter becomes more and more prevalent in all aspects of business, marketing, sales and personal communications, the need to create a better strategy is more and more stringent. And, as always, the old saying "knowledge is power" still stands when it comes to Twitter as well. As your involvment in Twitter grows, as you acquire more followers and start developing a strategy based on your needs, the analysis of your results becomes critical.

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Great Twitter Tools and Applications

Social Media is the "big word" these days and Twitter is probably the most popular site in it's niche. We've seen it's popularity skyrocket over just a few months since its inception. So it's only natural that a lot of enthusiasts set to deliver lots of tools that work along Twitter and provide various helper functions, sometimes useful, sometimes fun or bragging-rights worthy, and sometimes plain silly. In this article I will try to present you some of the tools that I use on a day-to-day basis and that I grew to love over time. This is not a comprehensive list of ALL the tools out there, just tools that I actually use and that worked for me in my social media activity on Twitter.

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