Editing a New Magazine

Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror MagazineI know it's a crazy thing, but I have started my own science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazine.

I've been thinking about this for ages and finally, on the last stretch of 2013, I managed to pull all my resources together and create a new online magazine. Here are the highlights:


Magazine Homepage: http://fantasyscrollmag.com/

Submission Guidelines: http://fantasyscrollmag.com/submissions/

Submission Form: http://fantasyscrollmag.com/submit-story/

What is accepted:

Fantasy Scroll Mag is seeking original science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories, regardless of sub-genre.

Lengths accepted:

Microfiction: < 500 words Flash Fiction: 500 – 1500 words
Short Stories: 1500 – 5000 words

Please help me create a buzz by posting about this new market on your blogs, social networks, writers' groups, and so on. Thank you!


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