Fifa World Cup 2010 South Africa Resources

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Soccer is the most watched sporting event in the world, no doubt about it. And the FIFA World-Cup is by far the largest soccer related event. Even though in the US the sport has far less coverage and fans, compared to baseball, basketball or american football, since the US team is getting better every year, I see a more extensive interest for soccer as well. Since I am a big fan and before every World-Cup I try to get myself all the necesary resources to make it easy for myself, I decided to share this year's list and maybe make your life easier as well. So, below you will find links, images, videos and resources related to World-Cup 2010. Please feel free to share your resources as well in the comments section.

Information, Standings, Calendar

FIFA.Com - Official website for 2010 World Cup South Africa

US World-Cup 2010 coverage on ESPN - Unfortunately not all cable providers allow live streaming.

World-Cup 2010 Schedule Excel Sheet - If you like to keep your own stats and scores, this Excel sheet will do just fine.

The ultimate FIFA 2010 World Cup calendar - Great Flash calendar that shows you in one round chart, all teams, groups, stadiums, dates and games.

Fifa World Cup 2010 Team Standings

Fifa World Cup 2010 Matches

Community Sites

Fifa World Cup 2010 Blog

World Cup 2010 on Twitter

World Cup Soccer Forum on

World Cup Soccer Forum on

Unofficial Fifa 2010 World Cup South Africa Website

South Africa Soccer Resources

South-Africa 2010 Stadiums

Fifa 2010 World Cup South Africa Stadiums

Fifa 2010 World Cup South Africa Stadiums

History, Records

History of Soccer

Soccer Ball History

World Cup Soccer History

World Cup Soccer History Alternate

History of the Fifa World Cup on Wikipedia

Various World Cup Records

World Cup Videos

Making of the 2010 Soccer Ball - Jabulani

BBC Best 10 goals of World Cup

Top 10 - Best Free Kick Goals part 1



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