Finally starting…

Iulian Ionescu

Ok, so, who am I?

I'd like to think about myself as a Renaissance Man, but that might sound a little too much like a cliche. But the truth is that I am not able to quickly point out one specific thing that I am, I do or I like, just because my spectrum of interests is so diverse. But that's not a reason why I shouldn't at least try...

Since an early age I was fascinated by the art of writing. I tried to give my pen a chance many times. First with short stories, then with poetry and later with novels. But it wasn't until the magical world of the bulletin boards appeared back in the beginning of the 90's that I felt really good about it.

Maybe because writing to help others gives me more satisfaction than other type of writing or maybe because I get to combine my second pleasure, aka computers, with it.

I've been involved in computers for about 20 years now and I am a self taught programmer using various programming languages including C++, C# and Visual Basic.Net. Lately my biggest focus is web development and I made significant improvements in my ASP.NET skills.

Given that, it was only natural that at some point I will start blogging, one way or another. It started with BBS and then forums. I tried to get involved in all areas that interest me and I constantly attempt to answer other people's questions. Be it in health and fitness, programming, business, marketing or finance, I always tried to share my knowledge with all those asking for help.

Even though I am interested in writing and I am an advanced programmer, my actual background is in finance and accounting and I am currently in the process of passing my CPA exam. I work as a Controller for a wonderful company called Eriksen Translations. At this job I got to combine my love for finance with my interests in languages, arts and culture in general.

In my personal life, I am married to a wonderful woman, and we live in a nice house somewhere deep in NJ. Soon, I hope our family will grow by a few members, so... I'll have even more to talk about...

Lately, with Twitter and Facebook and my blog, I am trying to keep on the same path of spreading my knowledge about the various things that I know, research and find all day long.

What is this blog all about?

Is this a rants and grievances canvas where I will drop little pieces of my anguish and despair? Probably, at least some times... But I think that my goal for this blog is to provide some sort of useful information and give back to the community out there.

Am I a guru in some things? Sure. Am I modest? Very, but  I do acknowledge when I know some things, and I am definitely the first to acknowledge when I am clueless or when I have stuff to learn. So, I look at this blog as a circle of information. I will give away my knowledge and I hope to get some of your knowledge in return. After all, knowledge and information is power, and power helps change. And change is good, most of the time...

So, in a nutshell, I will be talking here a lot about programming, my first love (wait until my wife reads this, you might see an edit), travel and vacation which is the only way I know how to clear my head - I love hiking, camping and just being outdoors. I will probably talk a lot about Social Media and networking and most likely I will touch some music, arts, movies and even cooking. Yes, I cook and I love it...

So, see you all in my world!



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