Kickstarter Campaign – The First Week


I have to admit, this is my very first Kickstarter campaign. I've supported a few in the past, and I've read a lot of articles about them, but before last week, I've never attempted running one.

Today, the Kickstarter campaign for Fantasy Scroll Magazine is in it's fifth day since launch and I am happy to report that we are about 45% through the minimum goal. That's a good thing, because most campaigns start strong, then they wither a little in the middle, and return towards the end.

So, the fact that we already have 45% of the funds after the first week is a very good thing.

Now, we need to keep the momentum going and push through the next two weeks of slow-down. Therefore, I urge anyone who can help to stop by the campaign site and donate something. Remember, nothing is too little. Even a dollar goes a long way.

Here's the widget for our campaign:

One of the best type of support is helping us spread the word. To facilitate this, we have created a Kickstarter Kit that provides you with all the links, text, images, and info you need to help us promote this message. Access the Kickstarter Kit here.

Last, but not least, below you can see the video of our Editor-in-Chief, Iulian Ionescu, talking about the magazine and about the goals of this campaign. If you like it and agree that this is a worthy project (we think it is!) please support us:

Thank you!!

Iulian Ionescu
Fantasy Scroll Magazine

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