“LOST” Finale – Questions or Answers?

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Here are my thoughts on the last episode of LOST... The LOST Finale aired on May 23, 2010 and, if you missed it, you can still catch the episode online here: http://abc.go.com/shows/lost.

My thoughts about the general idea of the show as revealed in by the the final episode is that all the events that took place on the island actually took place and the "flash-sideways", called by some the "alternate reality", was an imaginary place where all the characters got together in death. So, it's not really an alternate reality, because it is not a reality at all. In other words, we all know that everyone dies at some point in time. The sideways flash is just a place where all characters regrouped as they were when they knew each other. That's why Christian tells Jack that "everybody dies, and some died before you and some after you"; that's why Locke told Jack that he doesn't have a son. Because the world is just an imaginary temporary place where all characters are stuck until they are able to "let go".

The whole story is, I believe, a complete metaphor of our life and existence. We are born, and we follow a path. We don't know why and we don't know how it will go. We start our life being "Lost". Then, along the way, we are faced with our own demons, monsters, pain and love. And as we go along, we learn and we connect. At the end of our life, we don't have all the answers either... I know people are saying that the last episode left a lot of unanswered questions. John Locke Lost So what? That's what life is all about. When we die, we don't get a paper that describes the secret of life or the purpose of our existence. And I think the show tried to give us just that thought. The fact that our daily life is a complex journey, full of secrets and unknown, full of parts where we would rather be "the man of science" and other times "the man of faith", we all die, and the only thing that we can do is connect with others through love.

I think you'll have to agree that in any movie, a scene where two long-lost characters find each other is quite emotional, if done right. And I think the creators of LOST did a great job by having all characters remember their connections on the island while stuck in the imaginary world. And if you noticed, all of these "memories" where of them connecting in love. When they realize that they achieved something in their life, they "touched" someone, they loved someone and that someone loved them back, that's when they are able to finally "let go".

So, my take on this is that the sideways flash is not the Purgatory, it's just a spiritual imaginary world where all characters meet in a timeless space, all of them dead at different moments in the real world, only to try to "let go" and leave. Kate Austen LostIf you recall, Daniel's mother talks to Desmond when she realized that he knows the truth and asks him: "Will you take my son?" And where are they leaving? Well, we'll never know, just like we don't know what happens when we die. I can only wish that a place like this exists where you are given the opportunity to meet all those that meant something to you only to realize how much you meant to each other. Death comes sudden and many times you don't have the time to say good bye. I think that this imaginary world was the place where all characters were able to say good bye.

From an execution point of view, I really liked how the last episode connected back to the first season and closed the circle. And I know that some people say that it was a waste of time to watch 6 years of a show only to be left with so many unanswered questions. But, hey, it's not always ONLY what is the end of the road that counts. It's also the journey. And LOST was an amazing journey, to say the least. James Sawyer Ford LostSo many amazing characters, built slowly and described through flashbacks and flash forwards, through memories and actions. So many intricate stories and side-stories just made this show a great show. The weight of a show is not just in the last episode, it's in the entire series as a whole and I truly believe that LOST delivered 100%.

And again, just like everything in life, we are not supposed to have all the answers to everything. If you turn on the news today you will see at least a few stories that you'll make you want to say: "Why, why would he do that?" And you will NEVER get the answer. Maybe because there is no answer or because you are not supposed to find that answer. But you still live your life and you try to reach happiness through your personal search for love. And you wish that one day when the light will go dark over your eye, you will be able to look back in that nanosecond before everything goes black and see the love you left behind. And luckily you will be able to let go, just like Jack, Locke, Kate and all the others did, one at a time...

Good bye, LOST!


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