“LOST”: Is The Island a prison for the evil?

LOSTOk, so based on last night's episode of LOST, it seems as if The Island is some kind of prison that keeps the evil inside. And Jacob is some kind of guardian that won't let this evil go out... Or at least that's my angle. So, why is he bringing the people on the island? Is he attempting to prove to the "evil" that people are good and therefore defeating him, while the evil tries to corrupt everyone, in order to win it's freedom?

But, if that's the case, then why did he instruct Richard to "corrupt" Ben and have him kill the Dharma initiative and take over? Was Dharma in fact a product of the evil's work designed to destroy the island and therefore set it free?

Also, how is Charles Whitmore involved in all this? Somehow, he knew when the plane disappeared that it was in fact summoned to the island (otherwise why would he stage the crashing of the plane?). If he even aware of Jacob?

Oh, so many questions... and just 7 episodes left.

Anybody has any theories?

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  • Andrey Corey

    It almost seems as if Jacob is either God or some kind of angel. But then, why can’t he forgive Ricardo’s sin? It sounds to me like ethernal life should be easier to give then sin forgiving…

  • Well, Jacob being God or and Angel would somehow imply immortality, I think. So, maybe he isn’t immortal in fact and he is really looking for a replacement for his position of guardian?

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    Everyone has evil within himself or herself. The actions of the Losties – both on and off island – has proven this.