Who is Your Favorite “LOST” Character?

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LOST There's no doubt about it, if there is anything that "LOST" is not lacking, it's characters and lots of them. It's probably the show with the most fully developed characters that I've ever seen. The creators do an excellent job in shaping the characters season after season, switching between flashbacks, flashforwards, life on the island and various moments in time and space. I thought that you would like to take a shot at who is your favorite LOST character of all times? So, I created the poll below for all the blog readers to answer. Note that I only included the most significant characters in LOST, namely those that appear most of the time and are a very integral part of the entire story. I hope that I was able to include the character that you like... To make things easier, I also provided a short description of the characters, right under the poll. All photos and information is presented courtesy of ABC.

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Who is your favorite "Lost" character?

Jack Shephard

Jack ShephardJack (played by Matthew Fox) is a central character and plays a major role on the island. A surgeon in his pre-crash life, he uses his medical skills to help others on the island, and soon becomes a defacto leader of the group. Eventually, Jack's leadership is undermined by the rebel Sawyer and the enigmatic John Locke, ultimately resulting in dividing the group and going different ways on multiple occasions. Jack is one of the Candidates and he manages to convince the Oceanic 6 to return to the Island, where a new set of adventures takes place. During the show, Jack is torn between his desire to leave the island and his feelings that the island needs him for a higher purpose.

Kate Austen

Kate AustenKate (played by Evangeline Lilly), is one of the characters who is, in a way, glad to find herself on the island and free from captivity, or at least so it seems for the first part of the show. Later on, she too will try her best to get off the island and will form a partnership with Jack whom she meets very early in the show. During the seasons her feelings are torn between Jack and Sawyer, but she eventually winds up marrying Jack during their 3 years off the island, as a part of the Oceanic 6. Upon return, she will seek Sawyer once again, but we'll soon learn that her role on the island might have been diminished, as she is no longer one of the Candidates.

Juliet Burke

Juliet BurkeJuliet (played by Elizabeth Mitchell) is one of the few characters in the show who came to the island willingly, as a participant in a series of medical experiments involving fertility. She became very close with Benjamin Linus, the one responsible for the deaths of the Dharma Initiative people and a leader of the ones called The Others. Soon, Juliet realizes that, even though she benefits from all the freedom on the island, she is not allowed to get off the island. In an attempt to return home, she will cross to the side of the Oceanic team and will soon become close to Kate, Jack and Sawyer. During the 3 year period spent in the 70's as one of the members of the Dharma Initiative, Juliet is living with Sawyer in what seems to be a quasi-marriage. Things stop going so well once Kate and Jack return to the island. Ultimately, Juliet is killed during an attempt to detonate the hydrogen bomb. Before her death, she manages to manually detonate the bomb thus creating the parallel universe where all characters have a completely different life.

Charlie Pace

Charlie PaceCharlie (played by Dominic Monaghan) was a regular character in the first 3 seasons of the show. He dies in the season 3 finale, but he reappears later on, during the parallel universe life and in Hurley's visions. During his stay on the island, Charlie becomes very close to Claire and helps her take care of her baby. He is very protective and tries to help recover baby Aaron, after he was kidnapped by Danielle. Unfortunately, Charlie also finds the little Virgin Mary statues filled with drugs and some of his old habits return. Desmond has various visions about Charlie's death and ultimately he will witness the event. In an effort to spare Desmond's life, Charlie will lock himself in a room that gets flooded. Before Charlie drowns he is able to warn Desmond about the lies of the people who recently came to the island, claiming to be sent by Penny, Desmond's fiancée.

Daniel Faraday

Daniel FaradayDan (played by Jeremy Davies) is a scientist experimenting with transporting one's consciousness through time. He meets with Desmond who reaffirms his theories about time-displacement. The experiments performed on himself have a profound effect on his brain, and Daniel has a severe long-term memory damage. When the crash of Oceanic 815 happens, Charles Widmore, Daniel's father, convinces Daniel to go to the island by invoking the fact that the powers of the island might heal him. During the time when the Oceanic 6 are off the island, Daniel is stuck with some of the people left behind, as the island is passing through a series of time-displacements. One of them kills Charlotte, Daniel's friend. Strangely enough, while traveling back into the past, Daniel met Charlotte as a child and his mother, Eloise. In an unexpected turn of events, Daniel is shot and killed by his own mother.

Desmond Hume

Desmond HumeDesmond (played by Henry Ian Cusick), is another central character of Lost. His presence in the various time-lines and places influences the events and people radically. He was on the island about 3 years prior to the crash of the Oceanic 815, pushing the button that would prevent the island from releasing a major electromagnetic charge. One day, when he is a little late in his task, the electromagnetic field will cause the Oceanic 815 to crash on the island. Later in the season, when Locke refuses to press the button, Desmond will be forced to use a fail-safe key. This event will cause him to turn back into 1996 where he will meet Daniel. When Desmond is back on the island, he and Charlie attempt to stop a blocking signal by swimming to the Looking Glass station, where Charlie dies. Desmond reappears in the alternate timeline and he is brought back on the island by Charles Widmore. He is captured by Locke, as the Man-In-Black, and thrown in a well. Sayid was supposed to kill Desmond, as per Locke's orders, but he doesn't do it.

Sayid Jarrah

Sayid JarrahAs a skilled radio and mechanical engineer, with warfare training from Iraq, Sayid (played by Naveen Andrews) is the one who manages to repair a transceiver from the plane's cockpit and attempts to send a distress signal. During the time on the island and his flashbacks, Sayid is tortured by thoughts of his lost love, Nadia. The oceanic 815 flight was supposed to bring him back to LA and reunite him with Nadia. Later, in the parallel life, Sayid is together with Nadia, but just as a brother-in-law. In order to help Jack and the rest survive, Sayid will die while running away with a C4 bomb planted by the Man-In-Black/John Locke. Before dying, Sayid tells Jack to find Desmond, whose life he spared, and use him to fight Locke.

Jin-Soo Kwon

Jin-Soo KwonJin (played by Daniel Dae Kim) was on his way to freedom when he boarded the Oceanic 815 together with his wife Sun. His hopes of running off to the US were cut short by the plane crash. On the island, Jin and Sun rediscovered their lost love and soon they found out that Sun was pregnant. While the Oceanic 6 return to their normal life, including Sun, Jin is stuck in the time-displacement with Sawyer and the rest and finds himself in the Dharma initiative in the 70's. During the entire period, he never lost the hope of reuniting with Sun. Eventually they meet again and swear to never leave each other for as long as they live. Unfortunately, they will not live long, as the bomb set by Locke and armed by Sawyer will pin Sun to a wall inside the submarine while sinking. Keeping his promise, Jin will stay with her and they will drawn together.

Sun-Hwa Kwon

Sun-Hwa KwonSun (played by Yunjin Kim) is Jin's wife and daughter of a powerful business man. During her life before the crash, her relationship with Jin slowly deteriorated as Jin became more and more involved in her father's dirty affairs. Lonely and lost, Sun found herself a lover - Jae Lee - and had a short affair which ended tragically with Jae's suicide. She was about to leave Jin at the Sydney airport, but instead decided to change her plans and she found herself on the doomed flight. When the freighter sent by Widmore came to the island, Jin was apparently killed by a fatal explosion, or at least that's what Sun was lead to believe. She will find out much later that he is alive, but for the better part of the next 3 years, she lives with the knowledge that Jin was dead. She gives birth to a daughter and later returns to the island to find Jin, trusting the words of Ben who told her he is alive. Back on the island she will spare no time trying to find Jin. She finally finds him but their lives end tragically shortly after they meet, in the submarine explosion.

Benjamin Linus

Benjamin LinusBen (played by Michael Emerson) is the manipulative leader of the Others. He orchestrates the kidnapping of the Oceanic 815 as he feels that the plane crash might bring some more uninvited guests to the island. Eventually his fear becomes reality when the freighter sent by Charles Widmore arrives and a number of mercenaries try to capture him. Even though they fail, Alex, Ben's daughter is killed in front of his eyes. Ben manages to move the island in space and time, but in this process he is booted off the island and finds himself back into the real world. Here he sets on a quest to group all the people who left the island and convince them to return. While doing so, he kills John Locke, just after he convinced him not to commit suicide. Back on the island, Ben is manipulated by the Man-In-Black as John Locke and kills Jacob.

Claire Littleton

Claire LittletonClaire (played by Emilie de Ravin) is the one who manages to give birth on the island, despite the rumors that all pregnant women die. She is very close to Charlie during the first part of their stay on the island but their relationship cools down when Charlie starts to act strange. Claire moves into the barracks of the Others, joining Locke and Sawyer, as she believed that they can provide a better security for Aaron. Inexplicably however, Claire disappears leaving Aaron behind. The child is taken by Kate and becomes one of the Oceanic 6. Later on, Kate will return trying to find Claire. She will find her, living alone in the jungle, apparently not in her complete mind, after three years of solitude. In the mean time, Claire and Jack find out that they were half siblings, having the same father. When the last group tries to leave the island by submarine, they leave Claire behind together with Locke (as the Man-In-Black).

John Locke

John LockeJohn (played by Terry O'Quinn) is a living proof of the powers of the island. When he crashed, he was in a wheelchair, incapable of moving his legs. On the island, his health is miraculously restored and he is able to walk again. Using his hunting skill and his power of persuasion he becomes a quasi-leader, just like Jack. On many occasions, the people on the island get divided between Jack and Locke, while their intentions are sometimes contradictory, sometimes aligned. John is the strongest believer in the power of the island and in the fact that their role on the island serves a higher purpose. In order to protect the island he will follow Ben's path and will move the island. Doing this process he will find himself back into the real world as well. When he fails to bring all the people together and convince them to return back to the island, he decides to commit suicide. However, Ben manages to kill him instead and his body will be transported back to the island in a coffin. At this point, Locke's body is taken over by the Man-In-Black and for the reminder of the show, John is no longer John.

James "Sawyer" Ford

James Sawyer FordA con artist in real life, James (played by Josh Holloway) went to Australia trying to kill the man who destroyed his family many years ago. On the island, just like in real life, he uses his street smarts to stay alive. The conflict between the two alpha-males, James and Jack, is obvious from the beginning, and Kate's presence only makes it more obvious. Even more so, during the 3 years while the Oceanic 6 were back into the real world, James develops a life with Juliet while working for the Dharma initiative. When Jack and the others returns to the island, James' life is disrupted once again. And worst of all, listening to Jack's plan to detonate the hydrogen bomb, Juliet gets killed. James anger with Jack only grows and their conflict escalates. Angry, James will side with John Locke as the Man-In-Black while trying to get a deal from Widmore to leave the island. All his plans backfire and he finds himself among the only 4 survivors from the submarine explosion, ironically saved by Jack from drowning.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

Hugo Hurley ReyesHugo (played by Jorge Garcia) is convinced that the entire crash has something to do with him and his bad karma. Before the crash he won the lottery while playing the same numbers that Desmond was entering into the computer every 108 minutes. Right after he won the lottery, his life was followed by a continuous streak of bad luck. On the island he is good friends with Charlie and the news about Charlie's death hits him very hard. He manages to join the crew that escapes and is a part of the Oceanic 6. Unfortunately, back in the new world, he continues to see and hear dead people, including Charlie, and soon he winds up in a mental institute. Sayid, who was working for Ben at the time, manages to help Hugo escape from the mental institution and they both wind up reuniting with Jack. Convinced that it's the right thing to do, Hurley will join them all on the way back to the island. Here he is the only character that meets Jacob, after his death, and acts according to his instructions. He also is one of the four survivors of the submarine explosion, when he swims out dragging a wounded Kate to the shore and meets Jack and Sawyer, the other two survivors.

Miles Straume

Miles StraumeMiles (played by Ken Leung), just like Hurley, has a special gift allowing him to hear the dead. He gets to the island when he is hired by Charles Widmore and sent there together with Daniel Faraday. Very soon after arriving on the island and seeing one of his people killed (Naomi), he is captured by John Locke and kept hidden in a boathouse. He escapes and negotiates with Ben a better deal than the one he got from Widmore, but he will soon find himself stranded on the island while it moves through space-time. He will finally stop in the 70's together with Sawyer, Hurley, Jin and Juliet and working for the Dharma initiative for the next 3 years. When the Oceanic 6 get back, he will join the team trying to get off the island. When Richard decides to go and try to stop Locke, Miles and Ben join him and leave the group lead by Jack.

Richard Alpert

Richard AlpertRichard (played by Nestor Carbonell) is an ageless inhabitant of the island who's been given the power to live forever by Jacob. During the time of the Others, he becomes an advisor and a liaison between Ben and Jacob. During the passage of time, Richard worked for Ben and Charles Widmore, at different times. But he was always convinced that his real mentor and leader is Jacob. When Jacob dies, leaving Richard without the answers that he was looking for, he loses his faith and is close to giving up. But he finds his faith again and decides to try and stop John Locke (as the Man-In-Black). His first attempt to obtain explosives and detonate the plane that John was planning to use to escape the island fails, when Hurley detonates the explosive. Believing that he is on his own, he leaves into the jungle trying to find ways to stop Locke. Only Ben and Miles join him.

So, who is your favorite "LOST" character? Vote in the poll above! Thank you!


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  • nice post. thanks.

  • Oh, I can't wait for the new episode…


    My favorite character is Ana-Lucia Cortez. From the very first moment when she socked Sawyer in the jaw in early Season 2, I have been a major fan.

  • I think Sawyer was the character most beaten in the show… Oh well 🙂

  • Delton


  • JFJ

    My favourite character is Benjamin Linus, whenever he asks for something like he just says it normally and they give it to him, I also like Daniel Faraday, cus he just really smart, I really enjoyed all the series.

  • Kupo1224

    Sun has to be my favorite.

  • Ann

    I disagree. It was definitely Ben. Sawyer and Sayid are close seconds though.

  • Darwyn

    My top 5 were: Sayid, Ben, John Locke, Sawyer and Desmond. No paticular order. Sayid most badass though. And Mr. Eko was cool but died too soon.