Children of Zanya (Hastings)

Status: In Progress, estimated completion: Fall 2016.
Genre: Sci/Fi / Market: Adult / Word Count: 80000

Children of Zanya

Peter Hastings thought that a mission to annihilate an entire alien species on a far-away planet would be business as usual. He didn’t account on the involvement of a space-hippy group set to prevent the genocide.

After a series of events, the story takes Peter to Zanya, an uncharted planet occupied by a strange faction of the galactic ruling party. A part of him wants to return to base and collect his paycheck, but then he meets Taro, a boy who doesn’t seem to belong here.

Little by little, as more strange facts are revealed, Peter decides to stay and discover the truth. And the truth he finds and it’s much more terrifying than it seemed at the beginning.

This book marks the first in a series of adventures of Peter Hastings, “International kicker of ass,” as he describes himself.

Hastings Universe

When Peter Hastings came alive in Children of Zanya he turned into a bad-ass very shortly after. He became some sort of interstellar Duke Nukem who doesn’t seem to not care about too many things, but deep down is still looking to understand and uncover his own past. With such a rich character set in a multi-galaxy world where high-speed travel is possible and intergalactic wars happen every few years, there was no way this was not going to turn into a series.

The aim is to follow Peter in his missions as intergalactic hired gun and, with each story, dig deeper into his past and observe his character’s evolution.

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