Fire Within (Sira)

Status: In Progress, estimated completion: Summer 2016.
Genre: Urban Fantasy / Market: Young Adult / Word Count: 75000

Fire Within

Fire Within is a young-adult urban fantasy set in New York City. The storyline follows the life of Sylvia Clay, a girl in her early twenties who tries to hide her inherent magical powers she inherited from her mom.

But when one of her best friends is kidnapped she uncovers an entire plot by one of the magic casts to use the Sira magic for self-gaining purposes.

Sylvia will set on a path to save her friends, also with new hopes of finding her mother who abandoned her when she was ten.

Sira Universe

The Sira is a yet to be fully explained phenomenon that affects a small number of the world's population. It can be closely described to energy traveling through space.

Our world is being traversed constantly by 3 "strong" waves and 2 "weak" waves (as described in the Manifest of Tolian and His Disciples). The waves are a constant in the Universe and penetrate Earth from one side to the other every few days. The entry and exit points of the waves are important. With each iteration both the exit and entry points change. It's a very rare occurrence that 2 waves enter or exit in the same spot at the same time. It is extremely rare that all 5 of them do so.

There are a few types of Sira Magic: Sirasteshia —the ability to sense a Sira, Sirakinesis—the ability to alter a wave's entry point and/or exit point, and Siraiskys—the ability to harvest the powers of the wave and use them for increased magical strength.

There is another organization of the waves that brakes the Sira into six types. Each negative Sira has a positive counterpart (The Book of Alawani): Dark Sira & Light Sira—produce natural phenomena. Dark is destructive, Light is constructive; Death Sira & Life Sira—affect human relations from the highest level (war between nations) down to a couples fertility or strength of a marriage; Right Sira & Left Sira—affect the human mind; Left Sira increases the propensity of humans to behave on instinct and on direct emotions, while Right Sira increases the usage of logic.

The underground Sira society is divided between Orthodoxa Sira, Enlighted Sira, and Freedom Sira. There are different casts (houses) in each society.

Each cast has a long history and their members are only brought in through family connections. There's a 10-20% change that a Siramancer will breed another Siramancer, but the probability increases to 50% if both parents are Siramancer. Also, some parents choose to never introduce their children to Sira, to avoid putting them in danger. Even though the casts follow the letter of different manuscripts, but casts acknowledge the prophets Tolian and Alawani, but each chooses to select from the "other" book, only the passages that serve them well. The teachings of Alawani are more "light" and hint at a more positive usage of the Sira, while the teachings of Tolian, older chronologically, hint at a more negative usage. Those who can control the Sira are described as higher beings. Alawani wants to convince the Siramancers to use the Sira to unite rather than divide.

The first book is set in 2014 and the state of affairs is as follows: the largest Orthodoxa Sira House has gained a lot of power. It is rumored that they use criminal methods to gather energy so as to allow their most powerful members to control the Sira to their advantage. Sylvia is just at her beginning stages of Sira knowledge and she is at a point in her life when she is very jaded in general. She still doesn't understand where her mother went and why. Even though her adopted family loves her and she loves them, she never really fit in all the way.

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