Freedom Squad (Ascalearis)

Status: In Progress, estimated completion: Winter 2016.
Genre: Sci/Fi / Market: Adult / Word Count: 80000
Building upon the first book, the second installment finds Theor Bolt in full revenge mode. He has now cut his ties with the government completely and is scrambling to find the people whose life he turned upside down. Isolated and far away, he joins a rebel faction. Theor helps them in their attempt to overthrow the government, and they help him find the people he wants to punish.

In this second installment we get a wider view of the world on Ascalearis. New people come into play and we see an international plot coming to life. Theor is an integral part of it, but his actual goals are a lot more selfish: he just wants revenge.

Using disguise and high-tech manipulation, he’ll trace back his steps and find everyone who had wronged him. In the process, he will also assist the rebels with their plans.

By the end of the second book, the world is shaken at its core, but Theor hasn’t yet found his redemption.

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