Ivory Island

Status: Completed, searching for agent representation.
Genre: Fantasy / Market: Middle Grade / Word Count: 95000
Image Credit: Durian - Sintel

Ivory Island

When Ally and Nadan, two young friends living on the peaceful IVORY ISLAND, uncover a cave where an immortal sorcerer was held captive, their world is turned upside down.

Ally is oblivious to her own powers, passed to her by generations going back to the first mage who taught his apprentices how to use the Aetherum—the magic energy that powers everything. In the presence of the evil sorcerer her magic surfaces, but the wizard uses it to break the island in two parts and transports each part to another side of the world.

Ally is alone on the empty half, close to her mother’s grave, but far away from her father, and starts a quest to return home and restore her island. Nadan, far on the other side of the world, feels guilty, not only for causing her possible death, but also for releasing the evil sorcerer, so he runs away from home and begins his own journey to find Ally.

Dragons, one-eyed yaarks and giants, evil spirits and plots concocted by the dark sorcerer and his accomplices—all are parts of their quest to find each other and bring justice to the world.

On this journey, they make new friends and lose others, they travel through distant lands and meet challenges with one common destination—the Kingdom of Fate, the only place where magic is allowed and where they hope to find help. Here, the significance of their own powers is revealed, and they understand how their actions that initially seemed to have brought peril to the kingdom, are in fact a blessing that will help the world get rid of evil for good.

Helped by the dragons, the mages from the Kingdom of Fate defeat the dark armies and banish the evil sorcerer forever into the depths of the underworld. The Ivory Island is restored; Ally and Nadan return home and reunite with their families, and the world is, once again, at peace.

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