Merchant of Agapya

Status: In Progress, estimated completion: 2017.
Genre: Fantasy / Market: Adult / Word Count: 75000

The Merchant of Agapya

The town of Lindentail, the city capital of the Endless Plain territory and home to the House of Valin, lives in seemingly peaceful times.

Fionn, a noble young man would rather spend time with the lowlies, especially Eira. But when a strange and unusual caravan arrives in the town, led by a man named Qadur, the entire life of the town gets turned upside down. The new merchant seems to have a strange influence on the city’s elders and things start to change.

Convinced he’s dealing with a demon trying to take over the city and consume it, Fionn and his friends leave town to find answers and figure out a way to turn life back to normal.

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