Pariah Sector (Ascalearis)

Status: Completed, searching for agent representation.
Genre: Sci/Fi / Market: Adult / Word Count: 80000

Pariah Sector Summary

After years of fighting for the United Coalition for Justice as an Annihilation Lieutenant, Theor Bolt struggles to protect his family from the very system he helped put in place.

The current government on the planet Ascalearis rules with an iron fist, having divided the world into functional post-war sectors, creating an illusion of joy under the background of conceited tyranny with the ultimate goal of cleansing the population and rewarding the privileged few.

Fighting through PTSD, Theor now lives a simple life, confined to the shadows of his former glory. But when his wife, Alissah, is taken away and relocated into the Pariah Sector for a theoretical disease, Theor sets out on a quest to rescue her.

He resurrects skills he hasn’t used in ages to break into the colony for the “sick” and save Alissah before she is Inoculated and lost forever. Swindling a High Judge, stealing a smugglers’ ship, faking his identity chip, and even starting a riot inside a prison, Theor won’t stop at anything to save his wife.

Ascalearis Universe

The planet Ascalearis is home to an overgrown population, recently out of a major war. Post-war, the newly installed United Coalition for Justice divided the planet into functional sectors. Each sector has a Governor, a Board of Ministeries, and a Leader’s Chamber that includes seven Superiors, one from each Ministry. At the top of the leadership is the Trinity, a group of three leaders, each in charge of specific political faction: The Marshal, The Ambassador, and The Emperor. The advisory boards (“Consilia”) include nine superiors, and each board is led by a Dominator. The court of law is comprised of Lex Atrium and Suprema Lex Consilia.

There are six distinct races, each with different sub-variations: Terestri, Akashi, Borani, Valuri, Urali, Quarani.

Travel between various sectors is restricted, and each person’s identity is stored in a device attached to their wrist. The device is connected to the body’s circulatory and nervous system and cannot be removed. Some sectors have been built from ground up as massive metallic structures, isolated from the outside. In these sectors, people who are not Superior never get to touch the surface of the planet, forever confined into the buildings that extend above and underground. All religion is banned and free speech is frowned upon.

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