The Iced Scroll (Foreverworld)

Status: In Progress, estimated completion: Fall 2016.
Genre: Urban Fantasy / Market: Middle Grade / Word Count: 50000

The Iced Scroll

Daniel is only ten years old when he learns about the death of his beloved grandfather, Granpa Ben. The tragedy hits deep into the family and resulted in their family relocating to Brooklyn, NY.

Learning new places, making new friends, getting used to the new school—Daniel wasn’t happy about it and he took his grandfather’s death really hard. However, when he receives a special box left through the grandfather’s last will, things are starting to become interesting.

Daniel must now act as a detective in a game his grandfather setup for him. It’s a scavenger hunt that will take Daniel to faraway lands and places he never thought were real.

Foreverworld Universe

Foreverworld is an imaginary place described to Daniel by his grandfather, Benjamin. Grandpa would tell stories every time Daniel came to visit and Daniel always thought that the stories were based on something real. As he grew up, he understood that they were all just imagined by Grandpa Ben. Or were they?

As Daniel finds out in the first book of the series, Foreverworld is very real. It’s a world beyond our world where everyone and everything lives forever in constant search of their true self. They live forever, unless they get lost and meander into the Neverworld.

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