The Tower (The World Tower)

Status: In Progress, estimated completion: 2017-2018.
Genre: Epic Fantasy / Market: Adult / Word Count: 0

The Tower

The Tower is the first book from a planned large-scale epic fantasy story. Its action is set inside the World Tower Universe. The Universe has been described in details as an accompanying booklet. Excerpts from the booklet are presented below.

The World Tower Universe

“Ashtar Avilla” (Holy World, trad.) is a universe where multiple lands coexist. Each land can be imagined as a “slice” on top of each other, hence the name World Tower. Neither land can see the other, but can connect to one or more through a special tunnel or path. Each individual land is called a “Plataar” (Land), and each of the communication tunnels a “Sloggat” (Path).

Universe Balance

To survive, the universe must maintain its balance (Katai). The balance of the universe is maintained if at least 6 of the 9 Plataars are in balance themselves. “Avilla Katai” is the world balance. When the world is unbalanced, the effects are felt throughout all Plataars and all Sloggats. If 8 or 9 Plataars are unbalanced or when 6 or 7 Plataars are in unbalance for more than 500 years, the World Tower will collapse and destroy itself.

Land Balance

For a Plataar to be in balance, it needs to have its 4 core elements in equilibrium. Each of the nine lands have different (sometime common) core elements (Dalaii), and each of the lands reacts differently when it’s not balanced. Each element can be increased or decreased through various methods by different mediums. Generally, if a Plataar is unbalanced for more than 100 years, its Sloggats will close and the land will lose connection to the rest of the world. If a land is unbalanced for more than 300 years, the land will destroy itself and remain as an unbalanced empty Plataar forever. Only the Master Creator can resurrect a dead Plataar.

The land’s balance is kept by the Ashtar Tanger, the Holy Balance, a four weighting platform scale that stands suspended in the Space Beyond the Unknown and measures the world’s tidiness. When the scale tilts too much in one direction, the world becomes unbalanced.


Ashtar Avilla was created by Ghadar Al’Dey, the Master Creator (Volnar Catona). As a deity floating through the Outer World (Ula Avilla), he wanted to give a gift to his nine sons (the Small Gods), but wanted this gift to be a life lesson for them. So he asked them to tell him what kind of world they would want to rule and he will give that world to them. Upon their request, Ghadar Al’Dey created the Plataars, one for each son and connected them with Sloggats, but made those connection unknown to each Plataar. He then asked his sons to build their world as they want to.

The father gave them a finite set of resources and let them choose and craft their worlds. The sons went on and did so by building the worlds in accordance with their own personality. They each selected elements and races in turn, and placed them in their world, until all were used.

When the worlds were completed, the Master Creator cast life (Alura) onto them and the worlds came to life.

The task for the sons was to keep Ashtar Avilla alive for 10,000 years and if they were to achieve that, they would earn their right among the deities. The sons who lose their Plataar will forfeit their place. If the entire world collapses before the 10,000 years have passed, all sons will lose their right to be a deity. However, only five sons can pass into the deity mode and live forever as Gods of the Universe, and the father will choose that ones whose land prospered the most, according to that land’s particular core elements.

Unknown to Ghadar Al’Dey, another deity, Quarim Al’Dey, whose sons also have aspirations to the Universe, seeks to see the Small Gods fail. He figured out a way to interfere with Ashtar Avilla before its creation was complete. By doing so, he inserted a few demonic and magic elements that will change the fate of the land over time.

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