Iulian IonescuI think my love of writing began with the fairy tales of Andersen and the Grimm Brothers. It was later shaped by science and the fantastic works of George Wells and Jules Verne. These influences sip into my my writing and the themes and motifs root their inspiration in those early works.

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  • Novels


    I currently have a few novels in progress and a few of completed, in the process of editing. I am a fast writer, but a very slow editor, so on these pages I will try to document the stages for each of my novels.

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  • Short Stories

    Short Stories

    I enjoy writing short stories; they provide me a quick canvas for ideas and sometimes the results expands later into a larger story, world, or character. Most of my ideas first start with a short story, sometimes even with micro-fiction.

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  • Non-Fiction


    The writing community is partially responsible for my development as a writer and therefore I strive to give back as much as I can. I am working on a few writing-related non-fiction works that I hope will achieve that goal.

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