In the early days of the Internet, I've been an avid participant in online forums. Back then, we had the bulletin boards, then the forums, then the IRC chats and all that craziness. Ever since then, I loved to share my knowledge by writing articles about the things that I knew. Seldom that meant hours or days of research and even more days of writing, re-writing, formatting and re-formatting, and endless, endless editing. But in the end, non-fiction always provided a quick gratification in the form of praises from those who read.

Keeping up the tradition, I continue to pass my knowledge and everything that I learn every day about fiction writing in my fiction writing blog, Fantasy Scroll. If you want to see a list of all the articles I've written on the writing craft, check the Big List of Tips of the Fiction Writing Craft.

In addition to this blog, I am also working on two non-fiction books:

Creating an Online Writer's Platform

This is a book in which I discuss the many ways available to authors today to promote their works using all the possible online avenues, in an effective and efficient manner. There's a balance that a writer needs to struck between spending time online and writing. With a proper approach to the online presence, it can be achieved successfully.

World-Building - Creating a Fantasy World

This is a book that will spawn from my series of blog posts Creating a Fantasy World. World-building is great, so in this book I will try to add all my ideas about how it can be done so that the world is conceptually interesting, realistic enough, physically possible, and unique.

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