Iulian IonescuBelow is a glimpse into my current work in progress. One of these novel will soon become my debut novel. Until then I'll keep writing, writing, writing...

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  • Pariah Sector (Ascalearis)

    Pariah Sector (Ascalearis)

    The current government on the planet Ascalearis rules with an iron fist, having divided the world into functional post-war sectors, creating an illusion of joy under the background of conceited tyranny with the ultimate goal of cleansing the population and rewarding the privileged few. Fighting through PTSD, Theor now lives a simple life, confined to the shadows of his former glory. But when his wife, Alissah, is taken away and relocated into the Pariah Sector for a theoretical disease, Theor sets out on a quest to rescue her.

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  • Freedom Squad (Ascalearis)

    Freedom Squad (Ascalearis)

    Building upon the first book, the second installment finds Theor Bolt in full revenge mode. He has now cut his ties with the government completely and is scrambling to find the people whose life he turned upside down. Isolated and far away, he joins a rebel faction. Theor helps them in their attempt to overthrow the government, and they help him find the people he wants to punish.

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  • The Republic (Ascalearis)

    The Republic (Ascalearis)

    In the third installment we learn that what we thought was a done deal was in fact not at all done. The Trinity had an unexpected ace up their sleeve. In this last part, the action spreads to the entire planet. The government is crumbling, scrambling to put its pieces back together and prevent the inevitable.

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  • Battle Cry (Ascalearis)

    Battle Cry (Ascalearis)

    The last book in the series is a prequel. The action happens about twenty years before the events in Pariah Sector. It follows the friendship and early life of Theor and his army friend Denji. We meet a few characters that appear in the prior books and we learn how they’d been involved in Theor’s life. Some of the events we’ve seen in the previous three books are explained in this prequel.

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  • Ivory Island

    Ivory Island

    When Ally and Nadan, two young friends living on the peaceful Ivory Island, uncover a cave where an immortal sorcerer was held captive, their world is turned upside down. Dragons, one-eyed yaarks and giants, evil spirits and plots concocted by the dark sorcerer and his accomplices—all are parts of their quest to find each other and bring justice to the world.

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  • Fire Within (Sira)

    Fire Within (Sira)

    Fire Within is a young-adult urban fantasy set in New York City. The storyline follows the life of Sylvia Clay, a girl in her early twenties who tries to hide her inherent magical powers she inherited from her mom. But when one of her best friends is kidnapped she uncovers an entire plot by one of the magic casts to use the Sira magic for self-gain.

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  • Children of Zanya (Hastings)

    Children of Zanya (Hastings)

    Peter Hastings thought that a mission to annihilate an entire alien species on a far-away planet would be business as usual. He didn’t account on the involvement of a space-hippy group set to prevent the genocide. This book marks the first in a series of adventures of Peter Hastings, “International kicker of ass,” as he describes himself.

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  • The Merchant of Agapya

    The Merchant of Agapya

    The town of Lindentail, the city capital of the Endless Plain territory and home to the House of Valin, lives in seemingly peaceful times. Fionn, a noble young man would rather spend time with the lowlies, especially Eira. But when a strange and unusual caravan arrives in the town, led by a man named Qadur, the entire life of the town gets turned upside down.

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  • The Iced Scroll (Foreverworld)

    The Iced Scroll (Foreverworld)

    Daniel is only ten years old when he learns about the death of his beloved grandfather, Granpa Ben. The tragedy hits deep into the family and resulted in their family relocating to Brooklyn, NY. Learning new places, making new friends, getting used to the new school—Daniel wasn’t happy about it and he took his grandfather’s death really hard. However, when he receives a special box left through the grandfather’s last will, things are starting to become interesting.

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  • The Tower (World Tower)

    The Tower (World Tower)

    The Tower is the first book from a planned large-scale epic fantasy story. Its action is set inside the World Tower Universe. “Ashtar Avilla” (Holy World, trad.) is a universe where multiple lands coexist. Each land can be imagined as a “slice” on top of each other, hence the name World Tower. Neither land can see the other, but can connect to one or more through a special tunnel or path. Each individual land is called a “Plataar” (Land), and each of the communication tunnels a “Sloggat” (Path).

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