Short Stories

Published Stories

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Bot Malfunction

SQ Magazine (July 2015)

7th Grade Project

Pet Repair

Weirdyear (October 2014)

The Oath

Beyond The Imagination (Ebook only, Sept 2014)

Ice Fishing

The WiFiles (July, 2014)

Inside You

Open Your Eyes

Voluted Tales (May, 2014)

The Golden Serpent

The Lorelei Signal (Apr, 2014)

Magic Hands

The Colored Lens (EBook only, Apr, 2014)

The Statue

The Linnet's Wings (Dec, 2013)

The One

Asbury Pulp (Nov, 2013)


Fiction on the Web (Nov, 2013)

Space Race

Pachira Aquatica

Danse Macabre (Feb, 2013)

My Hut

The Quail Bell (Sep, 2013)

All Is Relative

Wordhaus (Aug, 2013)

Lady in White

Wisconsin Life (Oct, 2012)

Space Cadet

Future In Flash (Jan, 2013)

The Mission

The Were Traveler (Oct, 2013)



Dark Edifice (Aug, 2013)

Pending Publication

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Work in Progress

Stories in Submission - 10

Stories in Review - 9

Stories Pending - 18

Pending Ideas - 1,000,001

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